Understanding Gold Purity: Karats Explained

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The Distinctive Beauty of Gold

Gold has been a symbol of luxury, wealth, and status for thousands of years. However, not all gold is created equal. Many of us understand that the system used to measure gold purity and value is in karats. You may wonder what’s in a karat and which level of purity is right for you. Like knowing The Four Cs of Diamonds, learning about gold purity is an important aspect of understanding a piece of jewelry’s value. Let us explore.


Your Decision is Personal

Fana believes that selecting a piece of jewelry is emotional and meaningful, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. From classic pieces to the latest NYC jewelry trends, you want to choose a piece that speaks to you. And when you come to the pivotal moment when you begin shopping for engagement rings, you want to select one that best expresses your partner’s style and your love for one another. You also want to approach your investment from a place of knowledge to ensure you purchase a piece to enjoy for a lifetime. For all of its aesthetic features and durability, gold is the most popular choice in fine jewelry and engagement rings. So, how is gold quality measured?







Gold Karats Explained

Gold is graded from 10k– 24k, which reflects the level of pure gold within the metal mix. While there are uses for multiple grades of gold, 14k and 18k are best suited for fine jewelry. Allow us to shed some light on this subject.


14k Gold

14k gold jewelry is beautiful, high-, and durable enough to be worn on a daily basis. Its beauty and ability to maintain stone settings make it an excellent choice for all types of fine jewelry. Gold wedding bands and gold engagement rings are often created with 14k gold for this reason.

Made of 58.3% gold, 14k is the most popular karat used for jewelry in the United States. The remaining 41.7% is made of other metals, including silver, copper, zinc, and sometimes nickel. Interestingly, most individuals who get allergic reactions from jewelry are due to nickel content. Fana empathizes with these concerns and is able to offer a nickel-free blend of gold upon request. Most people can wear this blend of 14k gold jewelry with ease. However, those with especially sensitive skin may find our 18k gold jewelry more comfortable.


18k Gold

Luxurious 18k gold is comprised of 75% gold and 25% other metals. Because 18k has a higher gold content than 10k or 14k gold, it produces a rich golden hue many adore. Due to its higher gold content, it also is softer than other blends of gold, making 18k gold jewelry a good choice for some intricate and custom jewelry designs. One aspect to bear in mind is that 18k gold is softer and more likely to scratch than lower grades of gold. If you frequently work with your hands, work with tools, or do manual labor, you will want to remove your jewelry beforehand to help maintain its beauty. You may also consider 14k gold jewelry as a more durable alternative.


What Grade of Gold is Right for You?

Your path to selecting engagement rings and other elegant jewelry should be inspiring and delightful. Knowing the characteristics and advantages of each gold karat grade can help you to decide what fits your needs and budget.


Our Gold

Fana believes in constructing high-quality jewelry for individuals and couples from all walks of life. Each piece is made with love. This is why we exclusively use 14k and 18k gold blends to bring you the best quality fine jewelry you can enjoy for a lifetime. We uphold our commitment to ecology by using 100% recycled gold in each piece. 


Fana Double Wave Band 14k


The Fana Experience

Fana would love to guide you on this journey for your next piece of beautiful 14k or 18k gold jewelry. Find a Fana retailer near you, and a jeweler can assist you in selecting the item of your dreams. Or, if you’re in the area, why not make an NYC jewelry experience out of it? With a dedicated Fana boutique opening in Soho this summer, you can view our assortment of fine jewelry, gold wedding bands, and engagement rings in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you're looking for jewelry for everyday wear or a special occasion, we'd love to assist. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!