Fana Announces Grand Opening of Jewelry Boutique in Soho

Heritage Fine Jewelry Brand Expands to Retail

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Fana Flagship Store in Soho


With many exciting jewelry developments taking place in the past year, Fana is pleased to announce our biggest news yet!

In August of 2023, we are eagerly expanding to the retail space with a flagship NYC jewelry boutique of our very own. With generations of success in jewelry design, from engagement rings and wedding bands to other fine jewelry, Fana will open a retail location in the artistic neighborhood of SoHo, NY. 

To echo Fana’s elegant style, CEO and Owner Bobby Jain selected the distinctive location at 110 Wooster Street. By adding the Fana name to the list of jewelry stores in NYC, we hope to only bolster the neighborhood as New York City’s premier shopping destination. In addition, the space will provide a stylish and inviting environment for those looking to buy an engagement ring or other fine jewelry.


Bridal Jewelry and More

Enchanted Three-Stone Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

With bridal jewelry at the brand's core, Fana holds a rich tradition of creating elegant jewelry for sophisticated clients. Our approach to design is fueled by our desire to create timeless, classic fine jewelry with a modern sensibility and the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality of materials. Fana jewelry pieces range from custom designs and engagement rings featuring rare and exceptional gemstones to everyday jewelry that can be worn on any occasion. 


A Jewelry Boutique with Creative Ambiance

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Fana Flagship Store in Soho


Fana understands that buying an engagement ring or other piece of fine jewelry is a very special— and personal occasion. With this in mind, we have built our flagship NY jewelry store to be something truly unique. 

Using modern technological integration, our flagship jewelry boutique will redefine the jewelry boutique concept with the creative ambiance of an art gallery. We can offer individualized consultation and design experiences onsite as part of our capabilities. These sketch options are for individuals seeking custom engagement rings or other personalized jewelry. Our flagship store will also feature exclusive pieces for new and returning customers. 

“As a brand, we connect with SoHo’s artistic roots and eclectic mix of boutiques that make up its retail landscape,” says Bobby Jain, Owner and CEO of Fana. “It’s the perfect location for our first flagship store, where we will create an environment that reflects the ultimate Fana experience.” 


A Truly Unique Jewelry Experience


As a part of Manhattan’s newest luxury shopping destinations, we plan on collaborating with the thriving New York City community that surrounds us, incorporating local artists’ work into our store environment and décor. 

From the beginning, Fana has been and continues to be deeply connected to the pursuit of creating elegant jewelry for our sophisticated clients. We will bring the same legacy of timeless fine jewelry and detailed craftsmanship to our NYC jewelry customers in a retail space of our own. We can create exceptional jewelry boutique experiences for each of our clients through our team's knowledge, expertise, and care combined with collaborative and comprehensive capabilities. We feel our inviting boutique is an ideal space for those who wish to buy an engagement ring or other special piece to add to their collection.


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