Mountz Jewelers

We met at my cousin’s wedding in Madrid, Spain. Grace was one of the bridesmaids. We sat next to each other at breakfast one morning, not even knowing what this simple contact would lead to. I didn’t speak to her until 3 months later when my cousin said I should add her on Facebook, so I did. That night we spoke on the phone for 5 hours. Since that day we have not gone a day without talking. From there we spent 3 months doing long distance before I started looking around for an engagement ring.  One of her friend’s mentioned she loved a Fana ring on her social feeds. 

I found the closest authorized Fana partner in town, at Mountz Jewelers.  They had the ring brought in for me to look at and its didn’t take look to get her dream engagement ring picked out.   I had to ask her mom for her ring size and of course let the cat of the bag to the family.  

She visited me one weekend and I asked her to stay the week.  On the Monday morning I woke her at 6am to come for a brush walk through the waterfalls at a nearby hiking area. She declined stating, “Do I really have to go this early?” I kindly pushed her in the car with her pillow. We hiked for 2 hours to reach my spot. 

I pretended to set up a self timer photo and instead turned on the video mode.   I surpised her, got down on one knee and popped the question.   She bent down and hugged me, not even taking the ring on the way. I then put the ring on and she was thrilled.   She realized it was the same one she had saved on her phone, and loved Fana’s secret sapphire in the inside of the ring, and our names inscribed in the ring, 

Thank you so much for the beautiful ring you crafted for us. 


Michael S. 

Harrisburg, PA

Sept 2017